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Who is Maeloc?

He was a bishop of Bretoña S.VI, a settlement founded by Britons in Galicia. Maeloc is their tribute to all those who lived and behaved a certain way. It is the philosophy of those who want to uphold those traditions and those who want return to a more traditional way of doing things.

Ciders flavours

DRY. Cider lovers will find it a much more refreshing drink.

SWEET ORGANIC. Respect for the environment and tradition are the inspiration behind this cider.

BLACKBERRY. Apple cider with a touch of blackberry.

STRAWBERRY. Dry cider with an intense strawberry flavour.

PEAR. The perfect balance of the taste of pear and apple cider.


Brewed using the original process for ancient Celtic ciders.

A different way to enjoy cider. cider lovers will find this to be a much more refreshing drink. People who have yet to discover dry cider will encounter a light, flavoursome drink, which is original and perfect for a variety of accassions on your way through life.


Color: orange ochre with salmon iridescence.

Bouquet: balanced with tannic notes specific to the variety.

Taste: smooth and bitter, reminiscent of the astringency of beer.

Alc. 4.5% Vol.

Natural Organic


Prepared with the utmost care and the craftsman´s touch that you´d expect from a traditional cider.


CELEBRATE THE BEST OF THE MEMORIES AS WELL AS MOTHER NATURE. Maeloc has been created for these moments.

Maeloc has given its name to a research program which aims to provide scientific bases to the production of cider apples in Galicia.

Maeloc belongs to Mercado de la cosecha (Harvest Market) , which is a platform for those who share initiatives and propose ideas that drive the competitive development of Galicia and rural sustainability.

Maeloc developed its cider with apples 100% coming from 1000 Galician autochthonous farmers.

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